Is That You? (Veronica’s 15th birthday)

Is That You?Veronica

© Robyn O’Rourke

Published on March 2011

Is that you?
The falling star in the night
So pure, so bright.

Is that you?
The breeze gently blowing through my hair
Telling me that you are still there.

Is that you?
The golden ball rising in the east
Bringing hope that a new day, the sorrow will ease.

Is that you?
Setting in the West
Bringing a night of peace and rest.

Is that You?The castle she dreamed of building
Who dries my tears
As I gaze towards my future fears.

Is that you?
That makes me smile at life’s irony
That other people often cannot see.

Is that you?
That gives me strength to carry on
Even though you are gone.

Is that you?
Yes. It is you. You are with me always.



3 thoughts on “Is That You? (Veronica’s 15th birthday)

  1. Cindy…would this past September 14th have been Veronica’s 16th birthday then? And Sam’s upcoming 18th on November 28th? I can’t tell you how much I always keep you and this dear family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sending you and yours much love this Thanksgiving. I believe that these Angels will be with you as you celebrate your thanks.

    • Sangini: Yes, this past year would have been Veronica’s 16th birthday. She was born September 14, 2001, which was John and my 16th wedding anniversary. Sam would have graduated from high school this past June and would turn 18 this November. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your care. Cindy

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