If I Were In Charge Of The World

by Samantha Howard

If I were in charge of the world
I’d cancel peas,
emptying the dishwasher,
dictionaries, and also 5th period.

If I were in charge of the world
There’d be free laptops for everyone,
Gourmet cafeteria food, and
4 day long school weeks.

If I were in charge of the world
You wouldn’t have friendless.
You wouldn’t have boring.
You wouldn’t have textbooks.
Or “Do your chores.”
You wouldn’t even have chores.

If I were in charge of the world
A piece of bread
would be a vegetable.
All TV would be cable.
And a person who sometimes forgot to put their clothes away,
And sometimes forgot to remember their email password,
Would still be allowed to be
In charge of the world.

Remembering Sam by Amanda

by Amanda

Judging by how long I, and many other people have known Sam, you could say that even if I had all the time in the world, I still would not have enough time to describe all the great memories we have had together. And, knowing Sam for as long as I have, I can say that she is the sweetest girl on earth. Sam has always had the excitement and thrill of being a kid, but it is obvious that she was mature and responsible. I, and many people, I hope, believe they never really left us, they are always in our hearts. I will miss you, Sam. Eu já estou com saudades, Sam.

About Sam from Jolie

By Jolie

Hi. My name is Jolie and I met Sam at Preschool Family at age 3. Instantly I found her to be one of the most generous, caring and friendly people that I have ever know.  Our relationship blossomed over the years and Sam became one of my closest friends. Since we didn’t attend the same elementary and middle schools, we couldn’t see each other as often as we liked, but we loved texting each other and had so much fun taking theater camp together during the summers.

Sam was able to make conversation and connect with everyone. Whether you had seen Sam yesterday or two months ago, she was overjoyed to see you and together you could pick up where you last left off. She also had a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. Everyone loved her – kids and adults alike. Sam put others before herself and never hesitated to help those in need.

Sam, like the rest of her family, was very generous. She was always volunteering herself and her things to others. Once my family and I were at Sam’s house. My little sister was playing with a doll and when it came time to leave, my little sister didn’t want to part with it. Sam let her keep the doll, even though it was one of her favorites.

While I shared many fun times with Sam, one of the best memories I have was of our beloved summer tradition of AMT. AMT (standing for Ana-Maria Theatre) was a week of fun at the Howards’s house, during which we wrote a play and Ana-Maria directed it. The shows always turned out so great and I cherished being able to spend so much time together. This is a tradition that I will miss dearly.

Not only was Sam a lot of fun, she had a love of sports and theatre. She worked hard to do her best, always with a smile on her face. In honor of Sam and her passion for softball, I and the rest of my teammates on the Palo Alto Heat will be wearing a patch with Sam’s name and jersey number over our hearts to the State Championships this week.

Sam was a unique and special person and I am truly lucky to have been her friend. I miss you Sam and will think of you often. May you rest in peace. Thank you.

About Sam from Umbher

by Umbher

Hi. My name is Umbher. I met Sam when I was three. We were both in the same preschool class. We have been friends for eight years. When I found out about this accident I was heartbroken, how can such a loving and caring family pass away?

Over the eight years that I have known Sammy she could always put a smile on my face, no matter what. Sammy always made me feel happy and cheerful when I was around her.

What I had admired about Sammy was her kindness. She was so very friendly and kind to every one. Whenever someone needed help she would be the first to jump up. Sammy would always put others before herself.

I have so many great memories with Sammy, once when we were 5 or 6 we were all playing in the car with the car keys and someone pressed the lock button. So after we were done playing Sammy went to open the door but then the car alarm went off and the parents came running in and then they all started laughing then they finally opened the car and let us out. Sammy will always have a place in my heart and I will never forget her.

About Sam from Nooran

by Nooran

I know everyone grieves the death of this wonderful family, and I could talk about all of them, but I am here to talk about Samantha Howard. Hi, my name is Nooran and I have known Sammy for eight years. I was so shocked when I found out what had happened. They were like family to us and did not deserve to die like this.

Sam was the most loving girl I knew. Whenever someone needed help she was the first one to jump up and run over. She always cared about other peoples’ feelings and if anyone was sad, frustrated, or mad she would talk to them and they would come back happy with a big smile on their face. When we were at school this little kid fell over and she rushed over to help. She always went out of her way to make people happy.

The thing that I loved the most about Sammy is that she is always there for you. If you needed help or anything, she would do it before you had even asked. I admired her, she was full of fun and made me laugh all the time.

I think Sammy was a special girl and it is devastating how her life was cut short. She always made people feel special andyou connected with her straight away. She just made you want to become her friend. Everywhere we went she had a bounce to her step and would say hi to everyone. She could start up a conversation about anything and you couldn’t help but join in.

My favorite memories with Sammy were when we took all the great vacations together. We went RVing to Utah and Death Valley. We also went to Sea Ranch with them. On our RV trips, we would have one walkie talkie in one RV and the other one in the other RV and would talk to each other constantly. I loved our trips, and I will miss that a lot.

Sammy was always trying to help people and she always succeeded. She was so busy, but she started every new activity with a positive mind. She and her family lived their lives with great passion, and they have inspired me to be like them. You were a great friend, Sammy, and I will always remember you in my heart.