About Sam From Elise

By Elise

Baby Sam and Ana-Maria

I have known Sam since I was six months old and she was only four months. We became best friends very quickly. Our friendship flourished for many years. She was always really bubbly and happy. Everyone she knew couldn’t picture her upset. When she was upset she would tell me and if she hadn’t told me I never would have guessed. Whenever we both felt bad she would always take care of my concerns and me first. For example, once I needed finish a report and she had some homework. Being the extremely nice person she was she offered to help and I was able to finish my report. Sam was not only bubbly, but she was also friendly. She would walk onto class with a smile on her face and say hi. Her smile would spread and everyone would return her greeting. Once she told me she could make friends with everyone and I couldn’t argue. The characteristics she had helped her make friends.

Sam and her friend

Her characteristics included her being outgoing, funny, and helpful. Although she was outgoing, she didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. She made you feel welcome and wanted. The most important characteristic was she always found the good in people. She argued that everyone had a good side. We have so many memories together almost twelve years of them, but one I believe shows she is helpful, kind, and cares for others. This is a memory of the time Sam found my dad’s wedding ring. My dad had lost his wedding ring and had no idea where it was. A few months later, Sam came over and we were playing catch in my backyard when she spots something shiny, then she calls me over. She picks it up and shows me. She thinks it’s costume jewelry. I know it’s my dad’s wedding ring. I tell her, and her eyes go big. We run in the house screaming, “We found your wedding ring!” My dad is overjoyed and tells her he owes her. Big Mistake. She has been holding it over his head forever. I miss Sam and that will never change. She has been my best friend forever. I will never forget her or her family. Thank you.